Meg Jensen


Through the Corner of Circles - quarterfinalist in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Contest in 2009 and 2010. ABNA review: This piece works beautifully to capture the reader's attention and interest. The plot is very original and language-driven in its movements; the prose, which seems crafted with a rare attention to the subtleties and nuance of the main character, moves the plot forward and offers us a solid point of entry into this fictional, yet altogether believable, world. This novel seems to address compelling issues of the balance between solitude and community, between mere survival and genuine existence, between ancient history and the present age.

Meg Jensen knew she was a writer at 17 years, and, in the late '60s and early 70's, saw several of her poems added to the plethora of new voices rising out of that tumultuously creative time. In the '80s Meg's first novel, fiction based on truth, arrived and teetered on the cusp of mainstream/​protest/​fantasy genres. This novel moved Meg into the mainstream market as it was translated and published in four European countries, republished in the United States, and put her before the cameras of national television.

Subsequent to that, a mother now, Meg went on to author a series of four young adult mystery adventures for her young but highly literate daughter.

The success of the series brought her to the attention of several movie producers. Meg wrote the treatment for a feature film (produced) and went on to provide scripts for fifteen episodes of an internationally distributed saga set in the Middle East.

Lost in time's Bermuda Triangle, Meg turned her energies to surviving one storm after another with only one buoy to keep her afloat: the seminal idea for a new novel. That novel, Through the Corner of Circles, demanded to be written, and over a span of time, Meg grew skilled enough and wise enough to write it. Now ready for publication, Meg searches for representation for this multi-layered novel that can only be categorized as mythical realism.

Through the Corner of Circles, a hero's journey set as a Lakota Sioux vision quest, tells the story of a young mixed-blood Lakota woman, ostracized as a witch by her people, who crosses into a parallel universe to fight a battle that will shake the foundations of all realities.

Selected Works

Mythical Realism
Through the Corner of Circles
A Mythic hero's journey set as a Lakota Sioux vision quest.